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2016 – Grand Canyon Rafting Expedition


2015 – Grand Canyon Rafting Expedition

Colorado River
Josh Houston
Whitewater Rafting
A raft looking small in the large Colorado River
Jeremy stepping over a rock in the Grand Canyon
The team under a tent on the banks of the river
A team pushing their raft into the river off of a mud bank
A team of 6 paddling in their raft to get through a rapid
The team loading candy into boxes
One raft going through a white water rapid
Three men looking at the Grand Canyon from a bridge; you can see the back of their heads
The team doing yoga in the Grand Canyon
Cory hiking out of the Canyon with the team
John and Cory standing; John is giving a thumbs up
Raft floating down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon
The Wilderness Warriors officially launched onto the Colorado River to begin their seven-day adventure that includes world class whitewater rafting, rich cultural history hikes and camaraderie time at camp.
Cory Remsburg and CarrieAnn Grayson form their new rope team bond over a soda.
Marsha dumping a bowl of candy in the box
The 10-day journey of discovery and challenge kicked off at the Flagstaff Family Food Center. Team members volunteered their time, assembling prizes and fun packs for families who will take part in the Harvest of Books Halloween Festival.
The Veteran Wilderness Expedition team met for the first time over dinner to form their new rope team.

2014 – Soldiers to Summits Rocky Mountains

Rock Climbing in the Rockies
Trust your Team
Hiking through the Rocky Mountains
Rafting the Rapids
2014 Team Hiking in the Rocky Mountains
2014 Participant Hiking
Team Building in the Rocky Mountains
Rock Climbing at Colorado Outward Bound
2014 Team at the Summit
Raytheon Team Rafting