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Sponsored by Wells Fargo
The Wind River Range Veteran Wilderness Expedition, sponsored by Raytheon, will take a team of veterans with disabilities on a 10-day journey of discovery and challenge. These men and women will represent service from all branches of the Armed Forces and will support each other as they take on physical and mental challenges.

View photos and stories from the 2016 Veteran Wilderness Expedition using the #WildernessWarriors hashtag on social channels.

The Veteran Wilderness Expedition is a No Barriers Warriors program of the non-profit No Barriers USA, whose mission is to improve the lives of veterans through transformative, curriculum-based expeditions in challenging environments.  No Barriers USA is committed to helping people overcome obstacles, live a full life and contribute their absolute best to the world.


“We had some pretty deep, introspective explorations with the group that shocked me, but that I loved. It was these veterans opening up to other veterans in ways I don’t think they could have or would have with anyone else. When I saw the power of that, I realized I needed to stay and get more deeply involved.”

- Chris Nolin, No Barriers Warriors Expedition Leader